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In the world of DJs/recording engineers/producers resampling a particular song’s beat and its pattern by either blending it a bit or replayed it all; there are some cases which prove to be quite different but yet successful.

Such as the story of the American Rapper, ‘Tyga’, resampling his own beat from his own hit summer song “Taste”. Taste was the rapper’s biggest hit till date and got 4x platinum over the US Markets.


Songs That Made 2018 A Musical Year

Tyga came up with 4 different songs after the track Taste. And it all turned out to be beneficial for the rapper and the people associated with it. The list of tracks are down below with brief info –

1. SWISH (July 25)

SWISH featuring Tyga as solo artist produced almost the same beat as ‘Taste’. It offers a comparable riff to Taste in a synth-like variation. Taste be like “ohh ohh uhhh, ohh ohh uhhh/ yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah”. SWISH be like “uhh ungh ungh” involving the same 3 syllable tunes like Taste in layman words.


2. Dip ft. Nicki Minaj (September 19)

Dip featuring Nicki Minaj produced with the same flow of beat as 2 previous songs – Taste and SWISH; instead involving a progressive ‘violin melody’. Involving electronic beat on loop, instead synth as in SWISH.


3. Spray – By Sneakk ft. Tyga, YG (December 7)

Spray featuring Tyga as a guest artist along with American Rapper and Actor, YG and main artist Sneakk. The track features the same vocal pattern and beats as same as Taste; instead involving some Xylophonic sounds in a loop.


4. Girls Have Fun ft. G-Eazy, Rich The Kid (January 22)

Girls Have Fun featuring American Rappers, G-Eazy & Rich The Kid, having the same beat, same vocals pattern, and the same Xylophonic sounds(more like Marimba) in a loop. The song is produced by famous Grammy Nominated French Record Producer, Artist & DJDJ Snake.

Program Director for the Detriot Pop Station WDZH, Nathan Graham, said in the summer when the track was released stating, “The next big song that’s going to be on Top 40 that everyone is completely whiffing on right now is Tyga’s ‘Taste’. If pop radio would actually give it a look, I think that would be a smash. We’ll see.”

Seeing the scenarios happening recently and till the date, that was precisely a prediction done by Graham which turned out to be true accurately.

Taste topped the ranking in Rhythmic Radio Chart, reaching the 8th position in Billboard Hot 100(the highest); it was played over more than 6000 times in the final week of topping the chart of Rhythmic Radio. It was considered the best 20th song of the year 2018 by Billboard.

American Producer and Songwriter, David D.A. Doman produced all the three tracks of Tyga listing – Taste, SWISH and Dip. The approach was not a lazy game but a made up plan as seeing the fame of “Taste”, and Dip, following the recently achieved ‘Gold’ certificate, “SWISH”.


It’s hard not to be impressed with Tyga’s single-minded focus. The core of all five songs is a canonical West Coast hip-hop sound built around simple bass loops and electronic hand-claps. All five tracks return to the simplest of hooks, four- or five-syllable instructions that Tyga delivers with surprising lack of affect: “She can get a taste,” “Ba-back that ass [up],” “Stick out ya tongue.” And all five tracks stay in a narrow tempo range, operating between 95 and 105 beats per minute.  – Rolling Stone

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