Sound Canvas Glimpse by Google & NYU Ability

Experimenting Music with Google – Sound Canvas

American Tech Company Google has come up with a new experiment with the collaboration of  American Company Dealing in with the Tech Materials for disabled, NYU Ability Project titled – Sound Canvas.

It works through sight and sound. The experiment shows a canvas on which you can draw anything with your Mouse or Keyboard. And can even change the settings for ‘tracking your body’ by tracking your nose(by default) or your left-hand elbow or wrist or any other body part consisting of joints.

If you draw a line from up to down and left to right, it’ll make a rising up sound like a Psychological Effect you can create in your head right now. And it can track down your body movements and according to that, creating different enigmatic sound effects.

Majorly it’s intended to support blind and visually impaired users in drawing through a meaningful system of non-visual feedback.

Sound Canvas is the part of Google’s experimental section – Creatability. Creatibility is a set of various experiments conducted by Google and other collaborators to come up with different ideas of using tools like drawing, music and more and making them much more accessible by using the web and AI technology.

You can check out the fun experiments of Creatibility here (click).

This experiment was made by Claire Kearney-Volpe, Josh Miele, Kyle Phillips, Luisa Pereira, Yotam, Mann, and Google Creative Lab. Special thanks to Chancey Fleet, James Maxson, and friends at Henry Viscardi School at The Viscardi Center, Tech Kids Unlimited, and ADAPT Community Network. (Source – Google)

To know more specifically about the Sound Canvas and its usage click here.

To have a direct play on the Sound Canvas. Click Here

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