“If You Can Go Beyond, You Can Go Back”

Interstellar, the most beautiful and astonishing creation done in the Hollywood Industry. Released in 2014, it broke the stereotypes of Science Fictions & provoke a visually impeccable while giving a sense of being emotional or sensitivity. And the man behind it just like his astonishing creation, Christopher Nolan is astonishing in himself. Creating wonderful and persisting movies like Inception, Dunkirk, The Dark Knight ‘Trilogy’, Man Of Steel, Memento and many more.

These were just the mainstream box office hits which are recognized worldwide and there’s no denying he totally deserves it. But there’s a man behind Christopher Nolan movies epic feel and making a psychological connection with the audience and he is one and only “The Face of Modern Film Music”Hans Zimmer.

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Hans Zimmer is one of the only remaining Music Composers in Hollywood which holds the capability to create an identical and unique Musical Piece which everyone feels connect to and can’t erase from their head. Well eventually and intentionally. (Who will want to erase them anyway? Pfft!)

The Nolan and Zimmer Duo is the legendary duo that will always be remembered by Hollywood even if it came to an end someday. But before it happens, just like the above line suggests we’re gonna look at the Beautiful theme from Interstellar Motion Picture. The main theme composed by Hans Zimmer itself and performed by his whole team of talented artists.

The Mood of the Song is Composed

The Genre of the Song is Theme


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