Backstory of Zayn’s Allah Duhai Hai Cover

Zayn Malik is up with his new track – ‘Allah Duhai Hai’, a cover song from Bollywood Movie series, Race.

‘Allah Duhai Hai’ is originally the title track from Race Movie Franchise featuring in each of three parts of Movie Series in different different versions. First one sounds like a lot Rock, second Metal/Dubstep and third one’s gave a touch of EDM(Electronic Dance Music).

Originally sung by Amit Mishra, Jonita Gandhi and composed by JAM8, Tushar Joshi from Race 3, Zayn Malik has used this one for the cover purpose.

But wait…!

The major question here is why suddenly Zayn came up with a Bollywood song and that too relating to his religion? What made Former Old band Member of One Direction tuning up to the Bollywood?


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