MapleStory’s Temple Of Time by JVNA is an awe

MapleStory is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by South Korean Company Wizet. MapleStory has been considered one of the most enjoyable MMORPG featuring 2D gameplay & characters. Along with its Music.

Having a good bunch of epic BGM (Background Music) and OST (Original Soundtrack), MapleStorys’s known for its such good taste of Music also. Original vintage players just love the music of MapleStory and it’s beautiful in its own way.

CODASOUND, Studio EIM, ASTERIA are the composers for original music in MapleStory. These all are especially a game music studios.

Temple Of Time is arguably one of the most famous and beloved soundtrack/theme from MapleStory. And also it is the only track of which there’s an indeed beautiful ‘remix’ track exist too from JVNA.

JVNA is a female electronic music producer/DJ. Original name – Jana.

Will let you decide which one you like the most…


About Remix –

Mood of the song is Uplifting


Original one :-

JVNA Remix :-

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